It’s all about Blue….

Blue is such a versatile colour when it comes to party wear and it comes in so many different shades and tones so there is always a hue that works for every skin tone. From the darkest navy – the not quite black – to the iciest of blues – think Elsa in the Disney Film Frozen – or maybe you’re after vibrant – Royal Blue suits pretty much everyone – or a bright Turquoise. If you like more muted tones there is always beautiful Aqua or maybe a gorgeous Peacock Blue? We actually love them all and having seen so many girls try on so many different colours, blue seems to be a colour that many always end up going back to. For those with Blue Eyes it’s perfect, dark hair looks amazing with Royal Blue and Blondes look beautiful in the Paler hues.

We love a bit of Blue

But what to do about accessories – well, that’s the beauty of blue. A bit like that LBD, almost anything goes! Fabulous, easy to come by Silver, Nude and Black will contrast beautifully with most blues so that’s the shoes and handbag dealt with! As for Jewellery, again, Silver or Gold tones work brilliantly – maybe a simple diamond solitaire or there are so often fabulous opal creations that can match the blue you go for perfectly. And for navy and royal blue, sapphires are perfect!

Happy Shopping! xxx

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