Buying the Perfect Prom Dress

Shopping for Prom 

So, the school year is well underway. Your thoughts inevitably turn to Prom and more specifically what to wear on this important night!

We know that you are surfing countless sites, checking out different styles, colours and makes. We’re here to make the whole process as simple as possible. We have all the styles your heart desires and you can choose to buy online (  or by using our appointment system to take advantage of our one to one styling service at our chic Bushey showroom.



So many gorgeous dresses, it’s difficult to choose. Where to start?! Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Think about styles you love………

There are so many different styles of prom dress but it is important that the dress you wear suits your body shape and reflects your personality. By all means, save pictures of dresses you love onto your phone – it is so helpful as a starting point for us as we then get a sense of what you like and who you are – but at the same time, always keep an open mind. Different styles look so different on different people and what you love on the hangar may not be the dress for you and vice versa. It is so important to try on different shapes and colours to get a true sense of what works for you.

Think about who to shop with…….

You don’t want to shop with too many people. A couple of close friends and/or family members is enough. Too many opinions can make for a stressful experience. Always choose people whose opinions you trust and who you know will be 100% honest with you. You don’t have to agree with them but at least you’ll know that they have your best interests at heart….

Don’t worry about size………

It’s all about the dress that fits not what size it is and prom dress sizes come up differently to high street sizing. Always be sure to check out designers’ individual size charts as they are all different and always go bigger rather than smaller as it is easier to take a dress in than it is to let it out!

Think about budget………

There is such a large range of prices for Prom Dresses. Be realistic about your budget from the start and then you won’t be disappointed. At Silhouette, we have stunning dresses for every budget and love nothing more than helping you find that perfect dress at the right price!

Be prepared to have fun…….

Shopping for your Prom Dress should be fun. Make sure you are well rested and ready to enjoy being pampered and looked after as at Silhouette, each prom girl is special and we aim to make each moment enjoyable – the perfect start to the whole prom experience.


Take a look at a few of the different styles for 2017….. 


Short – Straight, Skater, One or Two Piece?








  Long – Princess? Straight and slinky? Mermaid? One or Two Piece?