The New Normal…..

What a rollercoaster we’ve all been on in the last two to three months. Covid 19 has changed everybody’s lives, some more than others, but we’ve all experienced some sort of shift in focus, we’ve had to…

For many, life slowed down. We were always rushing before weren’t we? Always somewhere to be, someone to see, something super urgent to do! Somehow, it all just stopped and we all just had to sit and watch it happen.

Everything about our lives has become uncertain and we don’t know when or how this will end but at the time of writing this, there seems to be a second shift, where people are wary but keen to return to some sort of normality. How this can happen safely remains unknown but huge efforts are being made to achieve just that.

In retail, particularly fashion retail where the need to touch and try on items is so important, the ability to make this safe is difficult. Shopping as we know it is going to be different for the next few months at least. What used to be a social event will no longer be. Limits on how many people can be in shops will need to be imposed. Social distancing will need to be adhered to. No seating areas. Limited changing areas, if at all. Constant cleaning, quarantining of clothes touched or tried on, and no personal, close contact assistance, – at least for the time being.

It’s not going to be easy but there needs to be a new way. A new normal. One which continues to make the shopping experience a happy one but that keeps everyone safe.

At Silhouette, it’s always been all about the personal touch. That unique personal shopping experience that makes our customers feel special. Having said that, we know that we can’t do things as we did before. Our gorgeous boutique is small. Social distancing will be really difficult. So, for now, we’re going to change the way we do things.

For the next couple of months at least there will be No Personal Appointments in store.


This is how our new Virtual Shopping Experience is going to work:-


Of course, all of our stock is also available to view online and you can purchase online in the usual way. Our online store is now fully revamped with larger pictures and more detailed information on each item to help you make your buying decisions and we are always on hand to advise and help with sizing or any other questions that you may have.

We hope that we will soon be able to go back to our normal face to face appointment system. We so love meeting you all and helping you find your perfect dress but our number one priority is your safety and so this is how we have decided to do things for now. The situation will remain under constant review so hopefully, we’ll be able to see you all soon!!

Such difficult, uncertain times. We hope you are all keeping well and surviving the madness

Lots of love


Michelle xxx