Perfect Party Dresses for Teens

Perfect Teen Fashion for 2018


 Anyone who has a daughter, will know how hard it is to find clothes when your little girl starts to get older and their figures and sense of style starts to change. We call this the "Tween stage” and this happens on average between the ages of 8-14. The High Street has started to cater for more casual gear for Tweens but where to go for a special party dress for your growing fashionista - that’s not so easy! So many occasions for which a Tween will need a party dress – the Year 6 Prom, Weddings, Bar and Batmitzvahs, Birthdays, Sweet 16’s, Parents/Grandparents Anniversaries – the list goes on…. A Tween no longer wants to be wearing little girl, pretty, pretty dresses but they do not fit into adult sizing and many adult styles simply don’t work on a younger girls’ figure. As a result, Silhouette has searched worldwide and found some fantastic trendsetting designers that cater especially for the fashion conscious tween girl. Two pieces, skater style or bodycon but designed especially to suit that tween figure. Scuba, Jersey, chiffon, crystals, lace and tulle – all materials feature in our collection. We’d love to hear which styles are your favourite. Just take a look at some of our styles and check out our website for more.

FINALLY , BREAKING NEWS: Watch this space for the fabulous new designer Gigi Ri