Pocketful of Posies Gift Pack

Pocketful of Posies Gift Pack

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A pocketful of posies and pure essential oils to lift your spirits & soul. This Gift Pack contains: Portofino Blossom Blaster, a sensual Mediterranean fragrance  lifts your spirits, as does the pure cocoa and shea butter swirl and pure jasmine and magnolia essential oils. Strike a Posy Bath Mallow, bathe in the natural butters and fine fragrance. Let the pure rose and geranium essential oils leave you feeling poised and prepared for the day ahead. Polkadot Posie Bath Creamer,  a creamer full of posies – with pure Jasmine & Clary Sage essential oils. Big Softee Soap,  a Ylang Ylang and Lavender oil inspired day dream to help sooth the mind. Love Nest Bath Blaster,  a woven mesh of coconut & sandalwood essential oils to comfort & cradle you into a deep doze.

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Bomb Cosmetics pride themselves on each of their products being 100% homemade, full of essential natural oils, environmentally friendly and NEVER tested on animals. Their products smell totally delicious, look incredible and feel amazing on the skin. They’re vegan friendly too! What’s not to love?!


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