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Prom 2019 – What is your Perfect Prom Dress?

Prom Season is in full swing. So many have already chosen their perfect dress but if you haven’t there is still time to make sure you get the dress of your dreams. Prom is a once in a lifetime experience so making sure you feel a million dollars on the night is so important. It’s not about spending a fortune, it’s about finding the right dress to reflect your personality and make you feel like the Belle of the Ball.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to Prom Dresses. Literally, anything goes. You can go all out with a true Cinderella Ball Gown or you can go simple, plain and slinky. It really is all about you and what your dream look would be. And actually, that is what the perfect prom dress is. The dress that is perfect for YOU! No-one can tell you how it should look or what you should get. It’s how a dress makes you feel and it’s the dress that makes you shine from the inside out. It’s normally easy to tell. You put the dress on and you can’t stop smiling. Halt the search – you’ve found your dress!

Once you’ve chosen, the best piece of advice is – find a good seamstress who can make any dress fit like a glove. Not always, but very often prom dresses need tweaking to fit perfectly. There is nothing worse than worrying about a loose strap or gaping neckline all night. One needs to be able to party without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions. A good Prom Dress shop will be able to advise on good local seamstresses who can help. And don’t forget, before you get your prom dress shortened, have the shoes you are going to wear. The height of your shoes is key to how much a seamstress will need to cut to stop you tripping over your dress all night!

Here are a few more styles for 2019. Come and see us to find your perfect prom dress. We’d love to help……

Tiffany Illusion Prom – Jo Jo in Navy
Tiffany Illusion Prom Vivienne
It’s not all about the price, this stunning number is only £85.
Pretty in Pink -Gorgeous Shimmer to make you shine