Prom Dresses 2018

About 10 years ago – Prom only really existed in America. Here in the UK, we had end of school discos at best. The whole concept of Prom to celebrate school graduation was something we only saw in films. Fast Forward to 2018 and how things have changed?!

Now, it seems that all schools have some sort of Prom night and in the UK, Prom exists at 16 after finishing GCSE’s and also at 18 when graduating from the sixth form. This is no casual evening – most Proms are full blown Black Tie events. Just as with a wedding, there are so many different aspects to organise – the venue, the entertainment, the food, the room decorations, transport (will it be a limo, a party bus or maybe even a helicopter?) For the girls, hair, make up and maybe even fake tan appointments need to be booked. And then of course, there’s the outfit!!

Boys will either hire or buy a suit for their special night. With many leaving school and needing to wear a suit for interviews and subsequent working life, buying a suit is a good investment at this stage. If they’re going off to University and won’t need a suit for a couple more years, suit hire for the night makes more financial sense.

As for the girls – well, the world is their oyster. Prom dresses now come in all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and to make every girls dream come true. The only dress that will be more important will be their wedding dress so it has to be perfect! Girls start dreaming about their ideal prom dress from the very start of Year 11 and 13, if not before! Each school will have its’ style (some dress more simply than others) but on the whole, Prom is long, smart and has the Wow Factor.

That’s not to say that all Prom Girls want the same thing. Far from it! There are so many different styles to choose from. Some girls love the slinky, figure hugging look. For others, the back must be special. There are many that hanker after the flowy, romantic look in soft pastel colours or those that want the full on princess look. There are no rights or wrongs when choosing a prom dress – only that the dress you choose makes you feel like a million dollars for the night!

Many worry about the cost of a Prom Dress but there are many dresses out there that are exceptional, both in quality and style that don’t cost the earth. At Silhouette London, we’ve put together just such a collection that Prom Girls are going to love both in terms of Design and Price. We can’t wait to show you all that we have coming in. Take a look at these beauties for a small taster of what there is to come…….

Our favourite moments are when our Prom Girls find their dream dress. We hope we can help find you yours………

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