The Little Black Dress #LBD

Whatís your favourite?!               

Itís been said many times that every girl should have a "Little Black DressĒ in her wardrobe. You can dress it up, dress it down, it goes with everything and can be accessorised easily. Is this still the case? Should we all still be turning to our LBD when we donít know what to wear for the engagement party next weekend or for the wedding next month? Is there an alternative to the LBD? Weíve searched and searched and simply canít find an outfit as versatile as our trusty LBD. Classic elegance is what the LBD brings but also, depending on how itís worn, cutting edge chic. We love it and couldnít live without it. Both long and short, the looks are timeless. It is stunning in itsí simplicity but also goes with any colour. How about teaming it up with a gorgeous red heel or a fabulous hot pink clutch? As for Jewellery, Silver/Gold/Rose Gold or just a pop of colour Ė anything goes!  Check out some fabulous LBD moments below. From the iconic Audrey Hepburn, celebs of any age and of course royalty, canít get enough of it!!