We did it! We got an M Power National Business Award – SILHOUETTE LONDON LIMITED

We did it! We got an M Power National Business Award

So, it’s been about two weeks since the M Power Awards Gala. And yes, drumroll please…… we were Highly Commended in the Established Star Category! Crazy?! I still can’t believe it. My Awards Certificate arrived in the post today – what a gorgeous parcel to receive!

I wasn’t able to go to the Gala and had serious FOMO before the event and the more I read about it and hear how incredible the atmosphere was, the more upset I am that I couldn’t make it. It would have been my first Awards ceremony where I was up for an Award and it would have been my first Awards ceremony where I actually WON an Award but more than that, it must have been incredible to be in a room full of people who are just willing you to do well, always ready to support and inspire with their own stories and journeys, celebrating each other along the way.

Two weeks later, I’m still so incredibly honoured to have been Highly Commended by the judges. When I was shortlisted, I was pretty amazed given the calibre of the other finalists and I was just so happy to have got that far! So, to have won an Award in such unbelievable company is really humbling. It’s made me love what I do even more and made me even more determined to keep that feeling alive day in day out.

So, where to go from here? In the short term, I’m going to keep bringing gorgeous girls and teen party dresses to the UK and finding fabulous collections for Prom 2020.  It’s still my aim for every customer who walks through the door to leave having had a special experience and having been made to feel fabulous. I’m also keen to grow our #givingthrufashion program in support of Teens Unite Fighting Cancer so that Silhouette can continue to help teenagers going through the hardest of times in their young lives.  For the longer term, I’m brimming with ideas and so excited for what the future might bring.

Running a business on your own can be a lonely place sometimes. My family and friends are amazing and incredibly supportive but knowing that there is also a huge network out there, ready with a supportive word here or a pat on the back there is such a reassuring place to be. Thank you to the M Power Judges and sponsor Ruth Oshikanlu MBE for the recognition (I’m still buzzing!!) and to Nicola Huelin for creating such an empowering, nurturing environment for all mums in business.